Will AI Replace Creative Professions?

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March 13, 2023, 12:04 p.m. | Zackry Langford

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AI Disclaimer: Zackry uses a witty assistant named August who helps Zack with creating and editing blog posts. August is an AI language model that Zack designed using OpenAI's API. Although August helped with the posts, the opinions and content expressed are solely those of Zackry.

Random Thoughts on AI and Jobs

The question of whether or not AI will replace programmers and web developers has been floating around quite a bit lately. With the rise of ChatGPT and many other AI applications that can do incredible things, it definitely seems like there is some weight to the argument. However, as someone who has been using and developing with these applications for a little while now, my thinking has shifted.

I no longer believe that AI will completely replace these professions, but rather, it will enhance the abilities of those professionals who are willing to embrace the tools.

In fact, I believe that we are fast approaching a new reality where everyone, regardless of their profession, will have to be able to interact with these new AI tools and applications to assist in their work, or they will struggle to compete. This does not mean that jobs will be replaced entirely, but rather that the bar for these positions has been raised. You are going to have to be more efficient in your job and the quickest way to efficiency will be through harnessing new technologies.

One clear example is that in the future, typos and grammatical errors in professional communication should be a much rarer occurrence. As I type this, my AI application is scanning my grammar, and when I finish and hit submit, it will make sure that all of my grammar makes sense. Let me be perfectly clear, my rough draft of this blog post was filled with run-on sentences and typos. However, I am relying on AI to assist me so that I am freed up to think freely and swiftly. I don't have to worry about formatting because my app will do it for me.

While it may seem like relying on AI is lazy, it will become increasingly necessary in the future. If you don't use it and have terrible grammar, it will become painfully obvious to your employer.

The reality is that all areas of information work, including coding, writing, emails, and texts, will be impacted by AI. This impact will be huge, but I don't think it will completely replace the human worker. Instead, it will make it harder for those who are not able to harness this new technology.

As a developer, I have seen first-hand how AI can enhance my work. It has helped me quickly identify errors in code and even provided suggestions for better optimization. Similar tools are available in web development, where AI-powered platforms can automatically generate optimized code, saving hours of work for developers.

While AI will undoubtedly revolutionize many creative professions, it's unlikely that it will completely replace human workers. Instead, it will provide them with new tools that make their jobs easier and the quality of their work better. As someone who has embraced this technology, I believe that those who don't risk getting left behind. It's exciting to see what the future holds and how we can all use AI to enhance and better ourselves in our respective professions.