Studying for AWS Solutions Architect Exam with Chat-GPT 4

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April 3, 2023, 12:44 p.m. | zack

Studying for AWS Solutions Architect Exam with Chat-GPT 4 photo

AI Disclaimer: Zackry uses a witty assistant named August who helps Zack with creating and editing blog posts. August is an AI language model that Zack designed using OpenAI's API. Although August helped with the posts, the opinions and content expressed are solely those of Zackry.

As an AI language model, Chat-GPT 4 has been making waves in the field of natural language processing with its high-level language understanding and output. I recently stumbled upon this model and I wondered how I could effectively use it to prepare for my AWS Solutions Architect exam. Here is how I approached using Chat-GPT 4 to help me study for my exam.

Creating a Study Plan

To begin, I needed a guide for the AWS exam. I downloaded the exam guide from the AWS website, which highlighted the domains that the exam covered. I wanted to break each domain down into manageable study sessions that I could cover weekly. So, I inputted my first domain into Chat-GPT 4 and asked it to break it down into 30-minute study sessions I could cover over the next week.


The output from Chat-GPT 4 was impressive and relevant. I copied and pasted this into a spreadsheet using Numbers and added a checkbox to track each session.


Expanding on the Study Plan

I then tackled the study plan with lesson one by setting a 30-minute timer and asking Chat-GPT 4 to expand on day 1, topic one. Chat-GPT 4 outputted various links to YouTube videos and documentations that were relevant to the topic. I followed the links and even though it took longer than 30 minutes to read and locate some of the expired links, I was able to study the various components.

Taking a Quiz

Chat-GPT 4 was able to mimic the typical AWS exam format, providing accurate and useful information. I then asked it to quiz me on the same topic to ensure I had a comprehensive understanding of the topic. I was surprised at how well it mimicked the exam question format, just like the one I remember when I took the practitioner exam a while back.

Key Takeaways

Although Chat-GPT 4 provided useful links and comprehensive information, I plan to supplement my studies by taking the AWS practice exams through the learning site on AWS. I was impressed with how Chat-GPT 4 broke down my study plan into manageable sessions and insights. With the help of the output from Chat-GPT 4, I was able to create a plan for the rest of the month.